Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ember Out-Embered

We popped down to one of our local bars the other night for a drink with friends.  Ember is great to take out at the moment (a remarkable change from a few months ago when it was nearly impossible) as she gets straight into the toy box (we only go places with toy boxes) and starts making up little imaginary games with whatever toys are available.  Anyway, this particular evening there were two families having dinner there as well, and the kids came over to check out Ember and the toys.  The older girl, G, who was "five-and-a-half" was exactly how I imagine Ember will be when she gets to that age.  Ember immediately fell in hero-worship with G, and they had a great time playing together.  G also had some big conversations with us, including giving Hannah the new name of 'Nailpolish', and me the new name of 'Watchy' (because I have a cool watch, not because I'm some kind of creepy stalker!)

But my favourite conversation of the night went like this:

G:  I've eaten a pig's bum.
Me: Have you?  I haven't.  I don't eat pigs.
G:  What about ham?
Me: No, I don't eat ham.  I don't eat any animals.
G:  What about cows?
Me: No.
G: What about chickens?
Me: No, no animals at all.
G:  Well, you just don't really eat anything then, do you?!
Me: (laughing) I eat lots of things! Fruit, and vegetables, tofu, chickpeas, rice, pasta...
G: But not pigs?
Me: No.
G: And not cows?
Me: No.
G: (in what was obviously 'Mum's' voice) Fussy, fussy, fussy, fussy...

Ember spent most of the rest of the night coming up to me and saying "You eat pigs' bums!"


  1. These anecdotes really do make me chuckle!


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