Monday, October 22, 2012

No sausages please

Meal times can be interesting in our house as Simon is a meat eater, I am vegan, and Ember seems to be vegetarian by choice. And she's fussy, but at least she's healthy.

 Mostly her dinners consist of black olives, raw carrot sticks, raw broccoli and cauliflower, cheese, and some sort of plain carb - plain pasta, plain rice, plain couscous, plain uncooked pizza base (the bready type) or canned spaghetti on toast. We do get her to try new things occasionally, but it's very rare she will admit to liking anything outside of her repertoire.

We had this random conversation on the way to walk the dog at the beach:

Me: What were they selling outside the SuperValue?
Si: Sausage sizzle I think. We could go and get a sausage in bread Ember.
Em: I don't like sausages.
Si: No, they probably don't have vege sausages.
Me: She doesn't eat any sausages.
Si: I should get her those frankfurter ones in a can; everyone likes those.
Me: She doesn't like any sausages I've tried her on. Even vegetarian ones, frankfurters, cheerios [cocktail sausages], sausage rolls - she won't eat any of them.
Si: I guess you won't like my Guinness and leek ones then Em?
Em: No! I don't like any of those sausages.
Si: Why?
Em: Because I doesn't!
Si: But there must be a reason. Is it the taste?
Em: I don't like them!
Me: Is it the way they taste, or their texture, the way they feel in your mouth?
Em: The taste. I don't like meat; that's for dogs.
Si: Fair enough I suppose.
Me: What about the vegetarian ones?
Em: They make me go funny in my head.

Maybe that's been the problem all along!

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