Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Star Bed

We were backing up the driveway this morning, heading for town to return some library books, and Ember was waving goodbye to Tabasco, our dog.

Em: That used to be my star bed didn't it?
Me: Star bed? Which star bed sweety?
Em: The one Tabasco haves.
Me: Oh, you mean the pull-out couch thing?  Yes, that used to be yours.
Em: When I was three, ay. (now that she's four, everything in the past is 'when I was three')
Me: Yes, and then Tabasco decided he liked it, and now it's his bed, isn't it?
Em: Yes, I let him have it.  (laughing wickedly) And sometimes, when it's sunny and the star bed is in the sun, I roll on it!
Me: Yes, you do, don't you.
Em: Because I'm the banana-eating, sun-rolling girl!

Could be her super hero name I guess... :)

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