Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Naughty Mummy Alien

Ember might be a natural film maker as she seems to have discovered story boarding.  Her current favourite activity is drawing a series of pictures then holding them up in turn while she tells a story.  Tonight I made her slow down while she told me the story, so I could write it down.  This was her third or fourth tale of the evening, and I'm not entirely sure how the pictures match up, so I'll write the story (verbatim!) and then post the pics. The second pic down was part of a different story, to do with a sad daddy and the naughty spider robot, but I liked it, so it's here too!

Ember's story:

One day there was two aliens.  One alien was very sad; he didn't have any friends. Then there was a nice baby and the naughty alien hit him by mistake! Now the daddy alien put them in time out. Then the naughty mummy throwed them in the dungeon [much laughter]. Then the daddy, there was one person who didn't even get in the dungeon so he tried to find him but the daddy winned and the mummy was so sad.

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