Sunday, October 21, 2012

Annoying, incompetent boys

Simon and Ember and I were heading to the hot pools with friends this morning, and Simon and I had a wee difference of opinion in the process of getting ready.  About 20 minutes later, in the car on the way there, Ember piped up in a very serious voice:

Em: Mummy and Daddy.
Me: yes?
Em: and Daddy.
Si: yes?
Em: (pause while she gathers her thoughts) Why did you all 'nnoyed with eachst other when you was getting ready?
Me: we did get a bit annoyed didn't we? But we're ok now. Sometimes people do just get annoyed with each other.
Em: Well, you shouldn't do that. Don't get 'nnoyed with eachst other any more, ok?
Si: ok
Me: ok.  You know we weren't annoyed with you, don't you?  We just got a little bit cross with each other, but it's ok now.
Em: And Daddy, you're the 'nnoyest.
Si: I'm the what? The noisiest?
Me: I think you're the "annoyingest"
Em: yes, you're the 'nnoyest Daddy.
Si: Why am I the annoyingest?!
Em: Becasue you talked to Mummy the most, so you're the annoyest.
Me: haha (I'm very mature)

Later, at the pools, Ember had a few goes on the small yellow slide which went into the little kids' pool. It was really meant for under-5s but some older boys had a few goes throwing themselves down it, as older boys always do. Ember was very indignant.

Em:  Those boys are so incompetent!
Me: Incompetent? Why?
Em: Because they splash too loud!

That's them told!

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