Friday, October 5, 2012

You REALLY don't want to read Ember's diary...

While we were staying at Nana Jay's house earlier this week, Em got a little bit of a tummy upset.  On the plus side, I managed to get her on the toilet to do it (usually she waits until she has a night nappy on before she goes 'number twos' - we're hoping eventually she'll decide on her own to use the toilet for everything... I'm sure by 16 she'll have it nailed...).

Ember has a pretty strong constitution and hasn't had a tummy bug (touch wood) since she was 11 months old (when she threw up once, and I was then ill for a week), so the whole experience was quite novel for her.  Her face was a picture of curiosity and consternation and she said to me:

Em: Mummy! Did you hear that farties? That came out like a killing!  It went 'pppeeeeeeeoooowww' (with matching hand gestures)
Me: Yes, it's ok sweety, you just have a bit of diarrhoea.


Em:  Mummy, is my diary gone now?
Me: Does your tummy feel better?
Em: Yep!  I hasn't got a diary any more?
Me: No, I guess it's gone.
Em: I didn't like that diary.

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