Thursday, November 22, 2012

A terrible secret

Ember is very into secrets at the moment, which usually involve her whispering wetly into Simon's or my ear something highly confidential like "you can come to my party" or "I have a pink pony called pinkie pie" or occasionally just "pshhwshhpshhhwshh cake". Sometimes she forgets to pull back before she goes back to her normal voice, which also causes her great mirth as we jerk away, wincing.

Tonight it was Simon's turn first.

Em: [whispers in Simon's ear]
Si: Oh, ok.
Em: Don't tell Mummy!
Si: Ok.
Em: I'm going to tell her a different secret.  Mummy, I have a secret for you.
Me: Ok.
Em: [whispering] Your work is going to be very boring tomorrow and you won't get to have any lunch.

I'm hoping she's not actually precognizant, although it's not out of the realms of possibility!

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