Friday, November 9, 2012

Ember's Scary Dream

I left for work early and got home late last night so didn't get to see my Em awake.  So I was quite pleased when she woke up early this morning and invited me into her room for a cuddle.  She seemed a little bit upset, so I asked her what was wrong.

Em: I had a scary dream Mummy.
Me: Oh dear.  What was your dream about?
Em: I dreamed that my whole family turned into dinosaurs, and my Daddy was a dinosaur and my Mummy was a dinosaur.
Me: That does sound a bit scary.
Em: No. Why?
Me: Wasn't that the scary bit?
Em: No (in her 'like duh Mummy' voice).  They was nice dinosaurs!
Me: Oh, good.  What was the scary bit?
Em: Well, there was a ship and it was a scary ship.  And my Daddy dinosaur got out his claws and got out his teeth. (pause)  There aren't any dinosaurs any more are there Mummy?
Me: No, there aren't.
Em: They lived a long long time and years ago didn't they Mummy?
Me: Yes, that's right.
Em: They all died didn't they Mummy?  All the dinosaurs died, and the baby ones.
Me: Yes, they did.
Em: Poor dinosaurs.  (pause, then in very indignant voice) Why did the people dig up the dinosaur bones?
Me: Well, so that we would know about the different types of dinosaurs and what they were like.
Em: Well they shouldn't do that!

I guess there's a fine line between paleontology and grave robbing... :)

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