Saturday, November 24, 2012

Worn out

Ember had been playing ponies for a while and was trying to get me to play too.  I do try to encourage her imaginative games, but there is only so long I can pretend to be Rainbow Dash before I want to poke my eyes out with a stick. So, I used that time-honoured parenting tactic: diversion.

Me:  How about we go on the trampoline?
Em: Yeah!  Because I'm a bit worn out.  I'm just worn out today Mummy.
Me: Are you?
Em: Yep. Do you know what worn out means?
Me: You tell me.
Em: It means you need to do something bouncy.
Me: Well, usually it means you're very tired.  Like Daddy.  He's in Mummy and Daddy's room lying down, so I think he might be worn out.
Em: [goes running in and yells at her dozing father] DADDY! Are you worn out?!
Si: Yes.
Em: He is, Daddy's worn out.
Me: I thought so.
Em: That means he's tired. But my worn out is just a different feeling that means the trampoline.

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