Sunday, November 4, 2012

Whoops, silly me!

After Ember got out of the bath tonight she wanted five minutes before bed, as usual.  I told her that once she had her pyjamas on she could have five minutes playing, or five minutes on the iPad before going to bed.  As usual she was flopping about the place, making it difficult to get her dressed (she can't quite do it on her own yet - when she does, everything is always inside out and back to front!)

Me: Ember, stand up please.
Em: (puts her hands and feet on the ground, lifts her bottom up in the air, giggles)
Me: Em, come on, stand up please, you're making it really difficult.
Em: (stands up, puts one foot in her pyjama pants then "falls over" onto the couch)
Me: Em, right now or I'm going to get cross.
Em: (whiny voice) I'm just tired Mama, my body is tired.
Me: Well you can go straight to bed right now then, no five minutes playing.
Em: (straightens up, puts on her PJs) Oh, that's right, I'm not tired yet.  Whoops, silly me! ... Why are you laughing Mummy?


Earlier today I gave Ember my old compact, after cleaning it out, and told her she could have it to use to check her eye.  Em has a prosthetic right eye - she had to have her eye removed last year due to eye cancer.  She has a great prosthesis but every now and then it slips out of place over to one side, and we are trying to teach her how to check and fix it herself, in preparation for school next year.

Me: Here you go Ember.  Now, be careful with it, if you drop it on the hard floor the mirror will break.
Em: And the glass will smash everywhere?
Me: Yep
Em: And I won't be able to see in it?
Me: No, you won't.
Em: And I might get glass on me and get a hurt?
Me: Yes
Em: And I might spill my yoghurt on the house?
Me: Um...?

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