Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ember's Dictionary

One of Ember's things at the moment is asking me what things mean.  This has been quite interesting for me, trying to work out how to explain what different words and phrases mean in a way that isn't just repeating the word!  Often she does know what they mean anyway, but wants to get confirmation I think. 

Recently, this has morphed into her making up new words, and telling me what they mean.  If she says "Mummy, what does 'I'll tell you what' mean?" then I know she actually wants to know.  If she says "Mummy, do you know what [nonexistent word] means?" I know she wants to tell me instead!

For example, while on the potty:

Em:  Mummy, do you know what fullologies is?
Me: Fullologies?
Em: Yes, do you know what fullologies means?
Me: No, I don't.
Em: Well, fullologies is when you go poos and then you keep going poos forever and ever for all your life!
Me: Oh dear, that doesn't sound very nice.
Em: No, but that's what fullologies means. You didn't know that, did you Mummy?

After a trip to the zoo:

Em: Mummy, do you know what possles is?
Me: No, what's possles?
Em: Well, it's like a chimpanzee, but it's really really tiny, like this [holds her thumb and forefinger a hairs-breadth apart]
Me: They sounds cute
Em: Yes, but if you put your finger up to the cage, they will have a little nibble on just one of your fingers.
Me: Oh, does it hurt?
Em: No, because possles is just small.

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