Monday, April 4, 2011

More dinosaurs

Dinosaurs seem to be a recurring theme in Ember world at the moment.  On Sunday we were having a late afternoon play at the playground, and Ember started looking for dinosaurs through the play binoculars .  She must have seen some as she suddenly went running down the playground steps onto the path where she gently scooped up something the size of a small, invisible dog.  She carried it gently back to me and said:
Em: Look Mummy, it's my dinosaur!
Me: That looks like a nice dinosaur.
Em: You can pat him.
Me: OK
Em: Be gentle or he might bite you.

I was petting the dinosaur when suddenly she made her hand into a mouth, went 'RARRR, Yum!' and the dinosaur bit me!  An hilarious game of 'chase mummy round the park being a munching dinosaur' ensued...

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