Sunday, June 5, 2011

After nappies is...

I am still trying to convince Ember about toilet training - she seems to get the theory but not the practice.  Although after this morning I'm not so sure.

Me: Look Em, I got you some big girl nappies. 
Em: Why?
Me: They're in between nappies and knickers.  Look they've got princesses on them, and you can put them on standing up.
Em: They got princesses on it?
Me: Yes, and they help you know when you've done wees.
Em: Why?
Me: Because big girls don't wear nappies do they?
Em: No
Me: What do big girls wear?
Em: (pause) Boys?

(Cue hilarity from Mama and Nana Jay)

Nana: I do hope not! Not for a few years yet Ember!

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