Saturday, June 4, 2011

Poor Man!

This one requires a little bit of back story (unless you're Laura) but I'll give you the conversation first and then the back story.  Nana Jay is visiting today and despite Ember being horrendously tired from a late night, early morning and no day sleep, little one was determined to delay bed time as long as possible to maximise Nana-time.

After cleaning her teeth, Em jumped on to Nana's lap and suddenly said:
Em: Poor Man!
Nana: Who?
Em: Man, Laura's Man.  He sad, he fall off the bed!
Nana: Did he?  Is he all right?
Em: Yes, he happy now.  He fall off the bed, go bump.
Nana: Oh dear.
Em: Poor Man.

Laura's partner (what do you refer to him as Laura? fiance?) is actually called Ted, but Ember has always called him 'Man'.  Everyone else is either a boy or a girl, but Ted is just Man.  Ted is currently overseas and not very well, so Laura had him on skype while she and William (baby) went about their evening.  Ember and I came over for a visit, and Em spotted 'Man' on the computer.  She was very concerned that he looked sad, and then started saying he had fallen off the bed, I think because he moved the computer at his end, which made the picture go wobbly for a bit.  Goodness knows what made her think of it tonight though!

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  1. Oh Em, you are a cutie! I'll have to send this to Ted too :)


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