Friday, June 3, 2011

Tigers, Monsters and Dinosaurs (oh my!)

We've had such a funny week and I wish I had been able to record word for word some of the conversations Em and I have had. I'm shortly getting an iPad so hopefully (on the days I'm not driving) I can scribble down some of the things she says verbatim.

The theme running through the week seems to have been 'things that bite' namely tigers, monsters and dinosaurs. We spend rather a lot of time having to run from one or all of the above, and then equal amounts of time catching miniature versions of the same and taking them home (always one for Em, one for me, one for daddy and one for Pocoyo.  Ember's one is always green and the rest of us get a different colour each.  Sometimes there's only one left so we have to bring him too, as he's sad.  In fact just this morning on the way in, I was feeding nutrigrain to a small purple tiger...)

We had another really funny conversation in the car yesterday.  Charlie had found a burger king toy on his rounds during the day (I googled it; apparently it's 'Destroyer' from the Thor movie) and gave it to Ember.  This is him:

Ember did her wonderfully melodramatic gasp and immediately named him 'Rescue Man'.  Then she started singing him a theme song, which went along the lines of 'Rescue man, Rescue man, he goes up, he goes down, he got chocolate in his car'  Charlie and I added the line "Eats it while he drives around".

In an unrelated conversation, Ember said to Charlie
Em:  I got a car Charlie
Ch: Do you?
Em: Yes, it's green.  I got a green car.
Ch: Cool
Em: You want to come in my car Charlie?  It's got chocolate in it.  And it's got pempernints in it.
Ch: Does it have chocolate-covered peppermints?
Em: Yes and it got lolly pops in it.
Ch: Ok, I'll come in your car.
Em: You want to come in my car Mama?
Me: Can I drive?
Em: No, I got to drive.
Me: Do you have a licence?
Em: Nope.  I can drive it.
Me: How are you going to reach the pedals?
Em: No, it got no pedals.  Just got a wheel.
Me: How do you make the car go?
Em: Press the buttons on the wheel.  You want to come in my car?
Me: Hmmm....

Wii has a lot to answer for!

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  1. I love her car. The safest one ever.
    I'll come with you Em.
    Nana Jay


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