Friday, June 17, 2011


In the car on the way home tonight, I was asking Ember what she had done at Toddlers that day...

Me: So, who did you play with today?
em: Aidan
me: And who else?
Em: No, just Aidan!
Me: What about Sophie?
Em: No!
Me: What about Reitu? Did you play with Reitu?
Em: No, just Aidan!
Me: What about Max?
Em: No! No one else!
Me: Why not? Max is a nice boy.
Em: No, he not! I got no friends at Toddlers! Just Aidan!
Me: You can have more than one friend you know.  You don't have to just be friends with Aidan.
Em: No! I got no friends!
Me: What about Matai?
Em: Umm, yep!
Me: Was Matai there today?
Em: Yep!
Me: Did you play with him?
Em: Yep!
Me: So you do have other friends?
Em: Yes, I do Mummy.
Me: Who else is your friend?
Em: Sophie and Reitu and Max!

Contrary child... :)

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