Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Just a few bits and pieces from the last couple of days:

Me: (arriving home from work) How was your day?
Em: Good
Me: Did you have fun at Playcentre?
Em: Yep
Me: What did you do?
Em: Boy tell me
Me: What did he tell you?
Em: Boy tell me, he say no.
Me: Did he tell you off?
Em: Yes, he did
Me: Why did he tell you off?
Em: He say "You a kangaroo" and I say "No boy, I'm Ember!"
Me: Did he?
Em: Yes, I say "No boy, I don't like it."

Tonight in bed, after requesting a 'daddy cuddle'
Si: Night night Em
Em: (popping out from under covers) You find me!
Si: I did.
Em: You wake me up Dada!

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