Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh the humanity!

On Sunday we were down at the playground by the beach, taking our opportunity to get outside between rain showers (by showers, I actually mean 'downpours').  There was one break in the rain which was long enough for the playground to be almost dry, but there were low, dark, rain-full clouds looming ominously, and mist in the distance.

Em had quite a good play, including a trouserless splash in the sea, but when I felt the first little spits I knew another downpour was nearly upon us.  I called Ember:

Me: Come on Em, the rain's coming, we'd better get back in the car.
Em: Ooh!  Ok Mama.

She ran over to me then stopped, turned back to the playground and yelled at the top of her voice:

Em: Quick! Everyone! The rain is coming! THE RAIN IS COMING!

Overreaction much?!!  She was quite nonplussed when everyone ignored her warning and continued to play, although we were vindicated a couple of minutes later when the skies opened!

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