Thursday, January 10, 2013

Crazy Uncle Neil

We have been looking forward to a visit from Simon's brother, aka Crazy Uncle Neil, and Ember has been very excited to meet him (last time she saw him in person, she was less than a year old).  She was a bit confused though, as one of Simon's friends came to visit a couple of days ago, and it took me a lot of convincing before she believed that Ray wasn't Uncle Neil!

Neil himself arrived last night and Ember spent the first 10 minutes or so hiding behind my legs and giggling maniacally whenever anything was said to her. She pulled me back inside and told me that:

Em: I'm just a little bit scared of him at the moment, but I'll get used to him soon and then I won't be scared anymore.  I'm just a bit scared at the moment.
Me: Ok, that's alright.
Em: Is he the one from the brown house?
Me: Which brown house?
Em: The one we went to see.
Me: I'm not sure which brown house you mean Em, but you haven't seen Uncle Neil since you were a baby. He lives in England.
Em: Oh!  I thought he lived in Raglan in the brown house!
Me: Oh, you mean Ray! Ray is staying in the brown house round the corner for a couple of days. Ray is Daddy's friend. This is Uncle Neil. He's Daddy's brother.
Em: (pause, then confides doubtfully) Uncle Neil's a different size from what I thought.
Me: What do you mean?  You mean he's tall?
Em: Well, he's even higher than you Mummy!

I'm not sure what she was expecting, but I'm sure after a day with Uncle Neil and Daddy today, she'll be bossing everyone around again pretty quickly.

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