Monday, January 14, 2013

Who's the parent?!

We did a bit of touring round the place this weekend, to show [crazy] Uncle Neil some of the sights.  Sunday we went to Mount Maunganui on the east coast, we did have a lovely, sunny day.  However, the journey was a little bit longer than I had anticipated, and I always get a bit stressed if I'm the person who has suggested something, and it either doesn't go to plan, or I think people might not be enjoying themselves.  As we travelled the last few kms, Ember (who had been very good and amused herself with the iPad for most of the journey) finally said:

Em:  Are we nearly there now Mummy?
Me: (seeing the Mt Maunganui sign) Yes, we're here now.
Em: Are we going to the pools?
Me: Yes, we'll go to the pools first [ we went to the hot salt water pools, highly recommended!]

A few minutes later when were still driving...

Em: Why aren't we stopping?
Me: We're just not quite there yet, sorry sweetie.
Em: (pause) Why did you say sorry?
Me: Well, it took a bit longer to get here than I thought, and I know we've been in the car a long time.
Em: It's ok Mummy.  I wasn't cross with you.  You didn't have to say sorry.  Don't worry about it.

Talk about 4 going on 24!  Bless her, she did make me take a deep breath and calm down, and I realised I was the only one worried about it!

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