Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The most beautiful place of all

We went for a wander last night, and Ember (who is currently a little obsessed with Barbie: Island Princess) was pointing out all the "islands" she could see.

Me: Do you know what an island is?
Em: Yep, it's when you live and it's a beautiful place and there's no lots of people.
Me: Well, sometimes.  But an island is actually just a piece of land completely surrounded by water.
Em: (completely ignoring me)  When I'm bigger I'm going to have a beautiful island with a house, no, there's no house, just a beautiful place and me and Aidan and Frank and the other kids are all going to live there and their families.
Me: What will your island be called?
Em: Um, it's called "the most beautiful place of all".
Si: Can I come to your island?
Em: Yep, there's the side that's for Daddy and all the girls.
Si: That sounds good! [I punched him]
Em: You won't like it Mummy because it has roses and too much pink. There's just pink everywhere. That's why it's beautiful.

It's odd, because she's more of a green girl really.  But apparently the media has done its job in convincing her that pink = beautiful, even if she doesn't necessarily follow it herself!

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