Friday, May 27, 2011

Dinosaurs and Life

Two little conversations that made me laugh today.

At Toddlers this morning I stayed for a bit of a play and Ember went into the family play room with a large plastic triceratops.
Me: Do you know what kind of dinosaur that is Ember?
Em: Yes
Me: What's it called?
Em: It's a saurus

Well, she had a pretty good chance of being right with that one!

On the way home this evening, Ember was in the back on her own as it was just Charlie and me carpooling.  She likes to pull the top flap off her lunchbox, but after I'd fixed it twice and she pulled it off again, I refused to fix it anymore.  Little grumbles came from the back seat:

Em: It's not fair.  Not fair Mama.
Me: What's the matter?
Em: It's not fair.
Me: Life's not fair.
Em: Where's he gone?
Me: Who?
Em: He's gone away Mama? Not here?
Me: Who?
Em: The wife.
Me: (realising and dissolving in laughter)
Em: Wife's gone away? Not here?

That would have made the best game of whispers - life's not fair/wife's not here!


  1. Funny sweet girl. Her mama needs to speak more clearly!!!

  2. Obviously change-of-subject works well as a distraction for little Em :)


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