Friday, December 9, 2011

Butterflies and Crocodiles

On the way home in the car the other day, Em had her hand out the window, feeling the wind rushing past.  She and I were both in the back seat (car pooling) and a most bizarre conversation then ensued.

Em: Look Mummy, the wind on my hand!  I going to be a butterfly soon.
Me: Oh, are you?
Em: Yes, I getting my butterfly wings too.  You can have butterfly wings too Mummy.  I have the green ones, you have red wings and daddy have blue wings.
Me: What about Nana?
Em: Yep, she can.  She haves yellow wings.
Me: What about... Sarah? (my friend from work, who Ember absolutely adores)
Em: Yep, she can have... can you tell me Mummy? (all the wings were based on people's favourite colours)
Me: Um, I'm not sure what Sarah's favourite colour is.  How about green? I think she likes green.
Em: Nope, I've got the green ones.
Me: Are there no more green ones?
Em: No, just one.
Me: What about purple then?
Em: Nope, they're mine too.
Me: You can't have two pairs of wings!
Em: Um, Sarah can have... brown.
Me: Brown wings?
Em: No, she has to has white.
Me: Is that because she's an angel?
Em: Nope, I'm being the cat, you being the frog and Sarah is being the... crocodile!

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