Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Nudey-Rudey Rescuer

Ember and I are currently staying at mum's while the renovations at our house settle down, and will move back once we have walls and a kitchen. Em, Nana J and I had a brilliant conversation tonight, which I wish I had recorded as I'm sure I'll get some of it wrong, but Nana can verify that if anything, it was probably more surreal than my memory of it!

Em brought a 3 kilo weight to each of us.

Em: there's your jelly.
Me: thanks.
Em: don't eat it yet, just put it there, it's for your party.
Me: ok.
Em: just put it there. You got to have a dream first. Go to sleep Mummy and Nana. You got to have a dream. Do you have a dream Nana?
NJ: yes I do. It happens at 8 o'clock tonight. (i.e. the lotto draw!)
Me: ooh, yes, can you make that one come true Ember?
Em: yes I can, coz I'm a rescuer!
NJ: you're a rescuer?
Em: yes, I am. I rescued the boy. But he run away from me.
NJ: did he?
Em: yes he did, and I was rescuing him and he run away and I shout COME BACK like that really loud. His name is... name is... Bolly.
Me: Bolly?
Em: yes, and he run away from me and I call out to him.
NJ: did he come back?
Em: yes he did, and he was going to the nudey-rudey park.
NJ: why?
Em: Because he's a nudey-rudey!
NJ: of course!
Em: yes, and he was going to the bakers shop.
NJ: I thought he was going to the nudey-rudey shop.
Em: yes, but he going to the bakers shop.
NJ: is it a nudey rudey baker shop?
Em: yes, it is, and he got a fat puku like this! (showing us her skinny puku)
NJ: I'm not surprised if he was at the nudey rudey baker shop.

I can't remember what happened next, mostly because I had to wipe my tears of laughter away!

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