Saturday, December 17, 2011

Being Bad

I have been meaning to post a few odds and ends for a while and never got around to it.  Here are a few classic Ember snippets I keep remembering and haven't posted yet.

On the way home from the hospital, after having had a general anaesthetic.
Me:  are you feeling ok sweetheart?
Em: (in tragic voice) no, I'm feeling bad Mummy.
Me: What's the matter?
Em: I'm a bit bad Mummy, I'm a little bit bad.
Me: Do you mean bad as in you feel sick, or bad as in naughty?
Em: I just bad because I go flying and then CRASH into a tree and I go up into the air and stuck in the tree and then you come and give me a rope ladder and I climb down and you rescue me, and that's the end of the story. Did you like my story Mummy?
Me: Yes, I did.


After a very 'three' day with lots of mini-tantrums and 'no'.
Em: I have a hug Mummy?
Me: Yes, of course.
Em: (snuggled in on my knee) I'm sorry for being a bit bad.
Me: You're not bad sweetheart, you were just being a bit naughty.
Em: Yes, I am, I'm a bit bad and slow because I eat too many strawberries.


Quite a long time ago, but I keep remembering it.  We were on the train platform in Orakei, waiting for a train into town.
Me: Come back from edge Ember, you've got to stay on this side of the yellow path.
Em: Why?
NJ: Because that's where you're safe.  See, there's a yellow path on that side, and a yellow path on that side.
Em: That's not a yellow path!
Me: What is it then?
Em: It's a ogre!
NJ: OK then.
Em: Look at the cars!
NJ: There are lots of cars over there aren't there?
Em: Where they going?
NJ: I don't know.  Maybe they're going home.
Em: No!
NJ: Where are they going then?
Em: To the zoo!
NJ: Well, you could be right I suppose!


After coming to my work in the morning and having a brief chat to Fionna, we were heading back over the road to creche.

Em: Where's Own... Fown... Finonna?
Me: Fionna?
Em: Yes, Fiononna, where's Finonna?
Me: She's at work.
Em: She's at your work?
Me: Well, yes, but it's her work too.
Em: You got to share your work?
Me: (laughing) Yes, I do.
Em: That's very kind Mummy.


Showing me a picture she had drawn for me (which did actually look like an icecream.  I'm not sure whether she intentionally drew an icecream, or whether she drew something then decided it looked like an icecream!)
Em: Look Mummy, this is your picture.  I drawed it for you.
Me: Thank you.
Em: It's a icecream.  But it's not a talking icecream so I didn't draw it a mouth.  It's an eating icecream.
Me: Oh, ok thanks. That's good to know.
Em: Because icecreams don't talk Mummy.


Em was choosing books to read in bed the other night, and pulled out one she hadn't seen before (at Nana's house) which had a picture of a cartoon tyrannosaurus on the front.  We have recently had books from the library called "Hands are not for Hitting" and "Tails are not for Pulling".  Although this looked nothing like those books, it must have sparked something as Ember said:
Em: Look Mummy! Teeth are not for eating!

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