Thursday, December 1, 2011

Now now Nana...

Yesterday we took our standard poodle puppy, Tabasco, to be clipped for the first time.  He looked quite different post-haircut!  Later that day, when Ember was pretending to be a puppy and eating her cornflakes from a bowl on the floor, she said to me:

Em: Tabasco had a nice hair cut didn't he Mummy?
Me: Yes, he did.
Em: Not a cracky one.
Me: Not a what?
Em:  He had a nice haircut, not a cracky one.

From the cheeky grin on her face, I'm pretty sure she thought she was saying 'crappy'.

Me:  Oh yes.  Where did you hear that word?
Em: Rotorua!
Me: Really?  Who said that in Rotorua?
Em:  Nana Jay!  And I say "No, Nana.  That's toilet talk."  Bum bum, poo poo. That's toilet talk too.

They're charming creatures aren't they?!  I guess it's all Nana's fault ;-)


  1. I totally refute this slur on my character! I would never say someone had a 'cracky' haircut! AND she did NOT tell me off for my toilet talk.
    well that's my recollection anyway. ( and everyone knows what my memory is like) :-)

  2. Nana Jay!! I'm usgusted!!


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