Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The sky is falling!

Driving back to Mum's house, we saw a car towing quite a big boat through Orakei.

Em: Look, there's a boat driving down the road!
Me: Yes, it's being towed by the car.
Em: Where's he going?
Me: To find some water probably.
Em: He's going to the swimming pool?
Me: No, to the beach I imagine.
Em: Where's he going to? To have a swim?
Me: Maybe.  He might be having a swim, or going fishing, or going to an island, like Rangitoto.
Em: (pause) That sounds like Rangi!  Rangi, Rangi, Rangitoto! That's a teacher!  You make me funny and laughing Mummy.
Me: It does have the same sound in it doesn't it.  Rangi means 'sky'
Em: No!
Me: It does. Rangi means 'sky' in Maori.
Em: Oh no, Rangi up in the sky! She hiding in the clouds!
Me: Is she?
Em: Yes, she hiding in the clouds.  She might fall down.
Me: I hope not.
Em: Oh no! Rangi's falling!  I can catch her Mummy.
Me: I hope so.
Em: I got to run really fast and drive my green car really fast and catch Rangi. Yep, I did it, I catched her.
Me: Oh good.
Em: She might fall in the hole, but I catched her.
Me: That was lucky.
Em: I got a treat for Rangi, and Nana Jay and Poppa John and Daddy and you mummy.  I got it from the lolly shop.

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