Thursday, December 1, 2011

Funky Monkeys: People, not lions

Tomorrow is the Creche Christmas party and many of the older children are very excited that the Funky Monkeys are going to be performing.  Those of you who are not from New Zealand, or who are not parents of small children, may not have discovered the Funky Monkeys, but they are kind of like the New Zealand version of The Wiggles.  They tend to have a 'message' in most of their songs and often work with Plunket on particular issues, such as road safety.  Anyway, to a 3 year old, seeing the Funky Monkeys is kind of like going to a Pink concert (or Bruce Springsteen, if you're Simon).

Ember was drawing in her notebook in the car on the way in, and suddenly said to me:

Em: This picture is for the Funky Monkeys Mummy!  It's their cake, when they come to my party.
Me: That's cool.  You do know it's not just your party right?  It's everyone's party, for everyone at Toddlers.
Em: No, it's girl's party! They coming to MY party.
Me: It's for everyone at Creche. Toddlers and Preschool and Teenies and Poppets and Nursery.
Em: I can come too?
Me: Yes, you're going (as long as you don't get chicken pox) it's your party as well.
Em: Funky Monkeys is coming?
Me: Yes, they're coming.


Me: You do know that the Funky Monkeys aren't really monkeys, right?
Em: Yes, they Funky Monkeys!
Me: They're called the Funky Monkeys, but they're people.
Em: They not Funky Monkeys?
Me:  They're like the Wiggles. They are called the Funky Monkeys, but they are people and they sing songs and things.
Em: Yes, they does.  I draw a picture for them Mummy, and I give it to them at the party. It's their cake.  I say 'hello' to the Funky Monkey's Mummy, because I'm not scared of them.
Me: That's good.
Em: No, I'm not scared of them. Just Santa.  I'm not say 'hello' to Santa because I scared of him, but not the Funky Monkeys.
Me: No, because they're not scary are they?
Em: No, They not scary. They not lions. They not lions Mummy.  They people.
Me: Yes, they're people.
Em: I say hello to them.

We then went on to another conversation which had something to do with sharks not coming to the party, just in the swimming pool, but I can't remember that one well enough to narrate!

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