Monday, December 19, 2011

Drama Queen

Yesterday we went on a not-very-successful trip to the zoo - it was raining, Ember was particularly grumpy and we left after seeing very few animals.  We did manage to see the Santa show which was good, although Em didn't join in very much of the audience participation stuff which she probably would usually have liked.  She did deign to 'open her mouth wide like a hippopotamus' during one song as there was promise of a prize, but was then very put out when she didn't win the prize.  Misery was further compounded when Santa arrived and then left without giving out either presents or lollies.

Today in the car, Ember suddenly started singing one of the songs from the show:

Em: We wish you a zoo Christmas, we wish you a zoo Christmas, we wish you a zoo Christmas and a happy new year... We wish you a zoo Christmas (etc)
Me: Did you like that show?
Em: Yes, it was fun at the zoo.
Me: What was your favourite part?
Em: Crying.
Me: Crying was your favourite part?
Em: Yes, I was crying because I didn't get a prize.
Me: Why was that your favourite part?
Em: Because it was.
Me: Do you know what favourite means?
Em: Yes.
Me: What does it mean?
Em: ... can you tell me Mummy?
Me: It means the bit you enjoyed the most.
Em: Yes.
Me: So what was the bit you enjoyed the most? From the zoo yesterday?
Em: Crying!  I want a prize Mummy, can I have a prize?

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