Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Evading the question

Em may have a future career as a politician, as she is getting very good at evading the question when she doesn't know (or doesn't want to give) the answer.  A case in point:

Me: Can you remember how old you are Ember?
Em: I'm turning in August.
Me: Yes that's right, your birthday's in August.  Can you remember how old you are now?
Em: I'm a big girl!
Me: Yes, you are.  But can you remember how old you are?
Em: (pause) I'm... (pause, hoping I might fill in the gap) six?
Me: Not yet!  You're two.
Em: Yes, I'm two.  I'm two Jo.  Charlie, I'm two.  I'm two Jon.  I'm two.


  1. Really? She said all those names at the end? Man she's hilarious.

  2. We were all in the car together - those are my carpool buddies!


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