Monday, April 18, 2011

Juice and toothpaste

Ember and I were stopping to fill up the car with petrol before heading into the Tron for a birthday party (for one of her Toddlers friends).  Em equates the petrol station with lollipops, so I headed her off at the pass by telling her we were going to get petrol, but no treats.  She asked for juice instead and since we had a longish trip ahead, I concurred.  However...

Me:  You can have a juice, but it might taste funny because you've just brushed your teeth.
Em: I have juice?
Me: Yes, but it might taste funny.
Em: Why?
Me: When you've just cleaned your teeth, some things taste a bit funny, until the toothpaste wears off.
Em: Juice got toothpaste in it?
Me: No... um... It just might taste funny, ok?
Em: I have juice?
Me: Yes.

We stopped for petrol and I got her a juice.

Me: Here you go. Don't squeeze it.
Em: I won't squeeze it Mummy. (drinks juice... laughs) It taste funny! (laughs some more, then hands it to me)  Don't want it, got toothpaste in it.
Me: No, it doesn't have... never mind.

When we were nearly in town, I offered it to her again.

Me: Do you want your juice now?
Em: No, taste funny.
Me: It should be ok now, you brushed your teeth quite a while ago, so it's probably worn off.  Do you want to try?
Em: No, juice got toothpaste in it.
Me: No, its... I took all the toothpaste out, it's all gone.
Em: Ok!  (drinks juice).  It taste nice!

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  1. She's so clever!!! I'm so impressed with her memory and continuing conversations :)


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