Monday, April 11, 2011

A Simonism...

This is not strictly an Emberism, but very funny nonetheless!

Simon and I were at the opening night of The Witches of Eastwick at the Harlequin Theatre (Em was being looked after by Nana), and were entitled to a free bubbles or orange juice with our ticket.  Si is not much of a bubbles man, so asked if he could have regular white wine instead.  After some conferring it was decided this was ok.  The conversation then went thus:

Bar guy:  So, what did you want instead?
Simon: A flat white
Bar guy: Uhhh...
Simon: I mean a flat white wine.  A white wine.  With no bubbles.
Bar guy: Ok.  Would you like sauvignon or chardonnay?
Simon: Yes, that's fine, thanks.
Bar guy: ...
Renee:  He'll have a sauvignon.

Now we know where Em gets it from!!

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