Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lollipops and Nuts

Given the length of my journey to work, and the horrendous price of petrol, I've been carpooling for the last year or so, and Ember comes too on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.  Charlie's car is her favourite because he has 'pempernints' and she's allowed to have one (one) if she asks nicely. Today, however, we were in Jon's car (usually Jon and Jo's car, but Jo is away in Bali), in the back seat.  The last time we were in Jon's car, Ember invented a game with the unused middle seat belt, using the metal clippy bit to 'check' my back.  She started it up again today, and I was curious.

Em: I going to check Piggle's back (Iggle Piggle is a blue soft toy.  See here for more info)
Me: Why do you need to check his back?
Em: Because I check it.
Me: But why? What do you think might be wrong with his back?
Em: He got stuff on it.  (pause, while she thinks)  He got lollipops on his back, all sticky, look.
Me: Oh, ok.
(she pokes Piggle in the back of the neck with the seat belt clip)
Em:  All gone now.
Me: Oh good.
Em: I check your back Mama?
Me: Have I got lollipops on my back too?
Em: No! (laughs) You got no lollipops on there! (laughs)
Me: So why do you need to check my back?
Em: I check it?
Me: Ok (turn sideways so Ember can poke my neck with the seat belt clip)
Em: I check you got nuts on your back.
Me: (dawning realisation) Oh, right...
Em: All done Mama, you got no nuts on there.

It all suddenly became clear.  The seat belt clip is vaguely the same shape as the nit comb, which has been in daily service on Ember's hair as I check for  and get rid of lice (aka 'nuts).

Everything in Ember world does make sense once you have the context... well, most things anyway. I'm still not sure about the lollipops.

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