Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Santa and Bunnies

Ember got out the kite that she made (with a little help) on the weekend, and wrapped the ribbon round her wrist.

Em: Look, I Grandpa!
Me: Are you?
Em: No, I Santa!
Me: Why are you Santa?
Em: Because I'm Santa!
(ribbon comes unwrapped)
Em: Oh no, I not Santa, I Ember!
Me: Why does wrapping the ribbon around your wrist make you Santa?
Em: I not Santa, I bunny.
Me: Are you a bunny?
Em: Bunny gives chickens.
Me: Really?
Em: Yes, bunny gives chickens and eggs.
Me: Yep
Em: Chocolate eggs.
(wraps ribbon around my wrist)
Em: Look Mummy, you Santa!

I have no idea.


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