Sunday, April 10, 2011


Ember and I were having a feijoa party courtesy of Dorothy (the-lady-not-the-dinosaur) when there was a banging noise outside.

Em: What was that noise?
Me: I don't know
Em: Who's knocking on the window?
Me: I don't know, who do you think it was?
Em: Sarah!
Me: You think so?
Em:  Yes, she's saying "Ember, I'm here"
(more feijoa eating)
Em: What was that noise?
Me: I think it was the wind banging the deck roof.
Em: No, it's Sarah.
Me: Really, what do you think Sarah's doing out there?
Em: Sarah come to see Ember!
Me: Well, you never know.  Oh look the feijoas are all gone.
Em: We get more, come on Mummy
Me: We can't get any now.
Em: Yes, we go see Dorothy dinosaur, no not dinosaur, lady.
Me: We can't, she lives in Hamilton.  I might get some more tomorrow.
Em: No, we go now, come on Mummy, we go Hamilton
Me: Do you want your banana?
Em: I put it in my pocket.  Oh no! I got no pocket!

All in all, a very fun feijoa party!

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