Sunday, May 8, 2011

At the Zoo

We went to the zoo on Saturday.  Em and her creche chums spend a lot of time playing 'oh no it's a tiger, quick run away!' at creche, so naturally she was most looking forward to seeing the 'tiger cat' for real.  However, the reality turned out to be a bit scarier than anticipated, especially since the tiger cat in question was looking at Em like she might make a good pre-lunch snack...

Safely away from his evil eye though, tiger is firmly back on the favourites list.
The 'emberism' in question has nothing to do with the tiger though, and occurred while I was pushing her up a hill in the buggy.  She suddenly put her foot down on the ground to make me stop, in order to have a very serious conversation:

Em: Mama stop.  Stop Mama!
Si: Come on Ember.
Me: Pick your foot up sweetie, so I can push the buggy.
Em: No, I need to talk to Mama. Stop pushing Mama!
Me: (stopping) What's up?
Em:  (holding up her toy dog)  Dog's head attached to his neck?
Me: Yes, it is.
Em: Ok.

With that she sat back down and we went on our way!

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  1. Wow... perhaps she was checking out the word attached? Isn't it amazing that all the cogs are turning in there, and we just don't know exactly how.


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