Saturday, May 7, 2011

Emilie and James (part two)

Those of you who have read the first post on this blog will know that Ember and I had a visit from Sarah, Emilie and Holly-the-dog a while ago, which has stuck in Ember's mind.  Today we had a sequel to the last conversation!

Em: (in the car, on the way to the shops, apropos of nothing) Where's Holly?
Me: She's at Sarah's house.  Actually, she's at Sarah's sister's house...
Em: Where's other girl? Embilly?
Me: Emilie?
Em: Yes, Emilie. Where's Emilie?
Me: Emilie's at her house.
Em: Emilie lives with James?
Me: That's right.
Em: Emilie lives with James the train!
Me: Well, no, Emilie's James is not a train, he's a boy.
Me: Do you think Emilie lives with James the train or James the boy?
Em: No, James the girl!
Me: James is a boy.
Em: No, James a girl.  Emilie lives with James the girl

I haven't met James, so perhaps she's right (I'll have to ask Emilie!)

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