Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Role playing

I've been meaning to post this one for a while!  Ember is very into dramatic play and role plays all sorts of scenarios with her little plastic toys - tombliboos in particular (they're another Night Garden thing).  She's also recently discovered Gogo Crazy Bones, which she calls 'little space creatures' and they are often part of the games too, along with dinosaurs, finger puppets and whatever else comes to hand.  It's great fun listening to the little scenarios she plays out, and often they involve 'mama' rescuing 'sister' or 'baby' from some sort of predicament (stuck in a tree, being chased by a tiger, you know, normal, everyday kind of things).  Obviously this is because I am such a great role model!  :-)

But my favourite one of late sounds a lot like something that must happen a lot at creche.  It goes like this:
Toy 1: It's my turn!
T2: No, it's my turn!
T1: It's my turn, I had it first!
T2: No it's not it's my turn!
T1: It's my turn!
T3: (lower voice) What's going on here guys?

I can totally hear her creche teachers being quoted there!  The funniest thing is that occasionally when we are in the car, and she doesn't have any of her little toys with her, she'll play the same game with her two feet arguing and her hand coming along to sort it out!

We are definitely getting her a dolls house for her birthday :)

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