Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Seb-ism

One of my oldest friends (by which I mean a friend I have known for a long time, not a friend who is advanced in years!) lives up the road, and has a son who is just a little bit older than Em.  Seb and Em have a great gift for winding each other up, and Seb was making a particularly good job of it today.  Ember was playing with a fire truck...

Em: Look mama, I got a fire truck.
Seb: It's not a fire truck.
Em: (squealing) Is a fire truck!
Seb: It's not a fire truck.
Em: (bursts into tears)
Me: Em, don't be silly, you know it is a fire truck.
Seb: It's not a fire truck.
Em: (more crying)
Amber: Seb, stop winding her up.
Seb: It's not a fire truck
Em: (more crying)
(repeat, ad nauseum)
Nick: Ok Seb, if it's not a fire truck, what is it?
Seb: It's a fire engine


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  1. hahahaha I love it!!!! And here I was thinking he was just being difficult.


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