Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where's Daddy?

On the way home from work last week, I was driving and Ember was in the back with Jo and Jon.  She loves sitting next to Jo and having stories read to her, and all sorts of crazy conversations and games.  This particular day Ember suddenly piped up:

Em: Where's my daddy?
Jo: He's at home.
Em: (in 'silly Jo' voice) Nooo!
Me: He is, he's at home.
Em: He's not at home!
Jo: Where is he then?
Em: Daddy lives in Auckland (pronounced 'orca-land')!
Jo: No he doesn't!
Me: Sometimes Daddy works in Auckland, but he's at home in Raglan at the moment.
Em: No!

We moved on to other things, but then when we were nearly in Raglan she started again:
Em: Where's Daddy?
Jo: He's at home.
Em: No, he's on the road!
Jon: Where's he going?
Em: On the road.
Me: Do you think he's playing on the road?
Em: Yes, he playing on the road.  Don't squash him Mummy!
Me: I won't.
Em: Don't squash him, be careful Mummy!

Needless to say, Daddy was in fact safely inside the house when we got home, and not playing on the road!


  1. It's all Seb's fault for squashing her carrot. She's scarred for life.

  2. Reminded me of an old favourite: "Don't bite the road mummy! Stones is not dinner." heehee!

  3. Meg, I love that you have a favourite Ember quote :-)


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