Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Catch-up Snippets...

I've been busy with assignments and stuff so haven't posted for a while.  Also, both Em and I have had bugs of various sort, and I haven't been in a blogging frame of mind.  So here are a few snippets which have happened since I last blogged:

(in the carpool)
Jo: Where's your [toy] snake?
Em: In the car
Jo: Is it in your car?
Em: No.  I haven't got a car.

(to daddy, apropos of nothing)
Em: I going to have a green house and a green car and a green chocolate button THIS BIG and you can all have some.

(picking up my over-the-knee rainbow sock)
Em: What's this mama?
Me: It's my sock.
Em: No, it's a monster!
Me: Is it?
Em: Yes, it is a monster, see look! (makes my sock jump and crawl around) Rarrrr!
Me: What kind of monster is it?
Em: Is a tiger cat. Is going to eat you RARRRRR (attacks me with sock)

(after dropping John and Jo off this morning, following a conversation about Jon going to 'school' - he's a PhD student)
Em: Where's Jon's school?
Me: It's there.
Em: No, that's not a school.
Me: That's where Jon goes to school.
Em: No playground!
Me: Do you think Jon's school has a playground?
Em: Yes, it does, he play on it. (pause) Has lollies on the playground
Me: Does Jon eat lollies on the playground?
Em: No, Jo does, she eat them all up, YUM.

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  1. She's a joy to have a conversation with. Very focused and gets straight to the important things in life. We need you in parliament Em!


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