Friday, May 6, 2011

"I'm so self-aware..."

Em is usually a pretty cheerful little soul, although prone to the odd bout of whinging, like most two-year-olds.  However, tiredness can turn her into an emotional, melodramatic monster, with every 'no' or 'tomorrow' resulting in her throwing herself onto the floor in floods of tears (Laura will remember the carrot incident; I'll have to write about that one sometime!).

Last night we had a sudden descent into extreme tiredness, unfortunately at the point where I had just condition-combed her hair for lice (yes, we're still doing that).  She had to have a bath so I could wash the conditioner out, and she usually loves the bath once she's in (although not the hair washing).  From her reaction last night to my gentle "Come on sweetie, time for a bath", you would have thought I was proposing to dunk her into boiling oil, but it had to be done.  I got her in, wet her hair and lathered it, all to the tune of heartfelt sobbing.  When I told her it was time to rinse, she looked at me, tears running down her face and paused in her sobbing long enough to say "Look at me, I'm crying" before descending back into sobs.

Being the caring mother I am, I cracked up laughing, and to her credit, I did see a wicked glint in her eye, and a wee quirk at the corner of her mouth before the sobbing increased by a decibel or two!


  1. Hope she'd forgiven you by this morning.
    Nana Jay

  2. Oh sweet heart, what a special little girl. That's amazing :)


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