Wednesday, May 25, 2011

But cats can't talk.. can they?

Jo (carpool buddy) managed to completely confuse Ember this morning, who in turn managed to completely confuse me, as I didn't hear the initial conversation.  Em likes to hear about other people's cats, and Jo and Jon, and Charlie have cats to be talked about.  Jo and Jon's cat, Bert (girl), is a bit of a grumpy cat, and Jon likes to tease her and have fights.  Apparently one of Bert's pet (haha) hates, and hence one of Jon's favourite things to do, is having her tummy scratched.

I didn't hear the initial conversation, but Jo later told me she had pretended to be Bert, saying "get off Jon, get off".  Ember, obviously thinking "well, cat's can't talk" thought that was what Jon was saying... and it just got more confusing from there.  After I dropped everyone off, Ember said:
Em: Jon got to get off!
Me: Does he?
Em: Yes, Jon say, get off, get off!
Me: Why does he say that?
Em: You don't got to tickle his tummy.
Me: Oh... who was tickling Jon's tummy?
Em: Jon do.
Me: Did he?
Em: Yes, he did.
Me: Ok...
Em: He say 'meow, hiss'
Me: Oh, Bert!
Em: Yes Bert say 'meow, hiss'.

It was further clarified by Jo when I picked them up this evening!

Another funny moment happened this morning.  I had to go up to Auckland for a morning appointment and Simon had said something to Em about it.  She decided to clarify:

Em: You not going to Auckland Mama?
Me: Yes, I am.  I'll drop you at Toddlers, then go up to Auckland to see the doctor, and then I'll be back to pick you up later, ok?
Em: You go to the doctor?
Me: Yes.
Em: What you got?
Me: Sarcoidosis
Em: You got yucky sotis?
Me: Exactly :)

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